Alien Worlds Becomes the World’s Leading Blockchain Game

Blockchain-based games promise many benefits that aren’t available in traditional video games, providing tangible monetary value to gamers and allowing them to earn playing titles they enjoy. Alien Worlds has established itself as one of the preeminent blockchain games on the market, offering its users the ability to access “DAOs in Space” and compete with NFTs and gain rewards.

The combination of fun and making money through Trilium, Alien Worlds’ native currency, has driven users to the game and catapulted Alien Worlds to the number one ranked decentralized game by user base (based on daily active unique wallets). It has become so popular that Alien Worlds is now rated the fifth largest overall decentralized application (dApp) on the market.

Trilium Is Driving the Alien Worlds Ecosystem and Enriching Gamers

Alien Worlds created a new planetary metaverse, tokenizing every aspect. In-game items are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), making them uniquely identifiable from one another, unlike common cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH. This method enables users to determine the value of all items through gameplay and financial analysis. When people put in work to obtain an item, they can determine its value through factors such as the cost of obtaining it, the amount of time spent, the level required, and more.

Suppose the gamer decides they no longer want the item or would like to exchange it for something else. In that case, they can take it to the WAX open market, a digital asset exchange that empowers buyers and sellers by providing item exchange capabilities. A player can cash out at any time and earn money from any item.

The heart of the Alien Worlds economy runs on Trilium, the in-game currency. There is an entire layer of commercial activity going on within Alien Worlds, with Trilium serving as the reserve currency through which every transaction flows. There are different ways for users to earn Trillium, such as farming Trillium and NFTs…

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