After Robinhood Blunder, Blockfolio Will Pay Users Dogecoin for Trading

Key Takeaways

  • Blockfolio has integrated FTX Exchange. Customers will now have access to zero-fee trading.
  • Last summer, FTX acquired Blockfolio in a $150 million deal.
  • The announcement comes amid a week of turmoil in the stock markets.

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Thanks to an integration with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, Blockfolio users will now access zero-fee trading and token bonuses. 

Blockfolio Supporting Crypto Trading 

Blockfolio now supports crypto and stock trading. The company announced that it would be offering zero-fee trading last night.

The move is made possible by an integration of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. 

Blockfolio began as an application for tracking the price of cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin and Chainlink. It’s ubiquitous among crypto enthusiasts. 

In August, FTX announced that it had acquired the company in a $150 million deal. Now, the exchange will be accessible from within the app. Additional details from FTX’s founder Sam Bankman-Fried also revealed token bonuses for trading on the app.  

FTX is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, but it’s experienced rapid growth in a short timeframe.

It’s been applauded by many crypto insiders for its innovative products like facilitating trading on synthetic stocks like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. In December, it listed Airbnb ahead of the company’s IPO.

This week, FTX traders could speculate on tokenized GameStop stocks when the traditional markets were closed. Now, Blockfolio users will have the same access. 

Chaos in Traditional Markets 

The Blockfolio announcement comes during a week of chaos in the stock markets.

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