ÆTERNITY Launches Inaugural Universe One Conference in Prague to Showcase Entire Æcosystem

PRAGUE & VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN, Sept. 16, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  (via Blockchain WireÆternity, the next-generation, open-source blockchain for building decentralized applications, today officially announced its Æternity Universe One conference, the first conference dedicated to the Æternity ecosystem, including Æternity Blockchain, Crypto Foundation and Æ Ventures. The conference is scheduled for Sept. 20-21 at the Paralelni Polis in Prague, one of the most celebrated spaces in Europe’s crypto community, and home to both the Institute of Cryptoanarchy and Hackers Congress. 

The Æternity Universe One conference will span two days and focus on bridging the gap between what businesses need and what blockchain technology can offer. The event will feature two tracks — one dedicated to the latest research and development in the blockchain space and Æternity, and another focused on real-world applications of scalable, open blockchain projects. The conference will also feature presentations and product demos from Æ Ventures’ Starfleet Accelerator alumni and investees including: 

  • ReCheck, a blockchain solution for verifying authenticity of physical & digital things
  • CryptoTask, a decentralized task and jobs marketplace
  • UTU Technologies, a trust infrastructure for the sharing economy
  • Ampnet, a platform for funding and running energy cooperatives and energy communities
  • WeiDEX, a blockchain Agnostic dApp ecosystem for exchanges
  • YAIR, a blockchain-based platform for securitizing digital art
  • HoneyComb, a decentralized and secure personal IoT Data Vault and marketplace
  • Ridesafe, blockchain-based app offering insurance and medical emergency response for real-time motorbike accidents in Africa
  • HomePort, the world’s first decentralized ground station network for satellite downlink
  • Cryptic Legends, a blockchain based collectible trading game
  • Comrade Cooperative, an autonomous digital cooperative, managed through members’ democratic consensus
  • Wetonomy, a framework helping to build decentralized autonomous organizations
  • Scynet, a decentralized infrastructure for creating and training autonomous AI agents, built to serve and empower humanity
  • TraDEXsocial, a combination of a user-friendly web-based mining client, wallet and a decentralized social trading crypto exchange
  • Abend, a blockchain based ticketing & festival payment app with a social interface

The program also includes a keynote by æternity founder, Yanislav Malahov; an overview of the entire æcosystem by CBO, Nikola Stojanow; an introduction to æternity crypto foundation by President, Marion Vogel, as well as a breakdown of the roadmap by foundation board member, Emin Mahrt; and a recap of company milestones from Pablo Coirolo, CEO æternity Americas. 

Other speakers include Thomas Nägele, Managing Partner & Attorney at Law at Nägele Law, who will be discussing The Liechtenstein Blockchain Act and his role as part of the team who wrote it. Matthias Langer, a tax expert in Liechtenstein, will share his knowledge on Taxes and Cryptocurrencies; Thomas Arts, who has a PhD in computer science, will give a security review of æternity components; David Stancel of Blockchain Slovakia will give a history of cryptocurrencies; Sascha Hanse, Chief of Research and Blockchain Architect, will discuss Tokenocracy; Ulf Wiger, Senior Erlang Developer will present on scaling off-Chain with state channels; and Dr. Hans Svensson, QuickCheck Expert, will share tips for avoiding design pitfalls. Attendees will receive an overview of the entire æternity ecosystem and access a host of workshops, panels and discussions on building successful æternity apps (aepps) and wallets.

The conference will also highlight Æternity’s naming system, which enables user-friendly identities for blockchain entities, such as user accounts, oracles, and contracts. Lastly, æternity will be highlighting its unique governance feature, which is implemented via delegated voting. It is weighted by the amount of tokens each account holds and provides technical tools to permit governance, as well as frameworks for human interaction and effective discussion. In effect, æternity’s governance enables miners, token-holders and other participants with a stake in the blockchain to make decisions together on proposed changes.

“Blockchain’s greatest power might be its ability to attract and connect the most creative, smartest and most liberated minds. We hope that Æternity and our Universe One conference can be its own connective tissue, improving both the technology and real-world applications of transformative concepts like smart contracts,” said Æternity Founder Yanislav Malahov. “We also couldn’t ask for a better space and partner than Paralelni Polis, one of Europe’s most celebrated hubs of crypto-thought.”

An open hackathon on Sept. 14-15 will precede the Universe One Conference. The event will allow anyone to propose and develop “æpps” that make use of Æternity’s unique technological stack, with æpps presented during the first day of the conference as part of a prize competition. The “Hæckathon” will be a fast-paced, intense crash course in blockchain technology, supported by the Æternity team. Participants will have 48 hours to learn how to make use of Æternity’s platform and developer tools, using them to their applications’ advantage. 

The conference will also feature the Graffiti Project, a first-of-its-kind, live, collaborative, interactive, token-driven art installation based on Æternity technology. 

Early bird tickets for the Æternity Universe One conference are still available for students (€119), startups and developers (€239), and corporations (€539). For more information, please visit https://æternityuniverse.com.  

About Æternity
Æternity is a public, open-source blockchain protocol that enables a platform for next-generation decentralized applications and high scalability. Its core components are written in the functional programming language Erlang, and its smart contracts are also functional. Unlike other blockchain platforms, the Æternity protocol itself incorporates several essential technological features. Æternity also features SDKs in Javascript, GO, Phyton, Java, as well as a middleware and a development suite that streamlines smart contract development. For more information, please visit https://æternity.com/.

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Media: Transform Group, aeternity@transformgroup.com
Æternity Universe One: Pablo Coirolo, pablo@aeternity.com 

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