Advanced Crypto Trading Software or Scam Opportunity?

Despite the American stock market plunging to record lows over the past month or so, the crypto sector, by and large, has been able to weather the storm pretty well. For starters, Bitcoin is currently hovering well over the $7K mark and Ethereum too has been able to maintain its value quite well.

In this regard, Crypto Cash is an all-new platform that claims to help individuals earn insane amounts of money by investing in various digital currencies in a quick, streamlined manner. As per the official product website, the folks behind Crypto Cash routinely provide their subscribers with quality buy/sell signals, which if used as advised, can help them incur monetary returns in excess of 1000%.

Let’s review CryptoCash trading software to see if this crypto platform can actually help users earn bitcoin online or whether this bitcoin-based investment service is a fraud.

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Is CryptoCash Legitimate?

Straight of the bat, it needs to be made clear that Crypto Cash looks like an outright scam. For starters, the official product website states that subscribers can make boatloads of money by putting in just a few minutes of “work” every day. This statement is shady to say the least and any company that claims such a thing should be viewed by a certain degree of suspicion by potential investors.

Some other dubious claims put forth by the Crypto Cash team include:

(i) Unfounded Claims of Extreme Accuracy: The CryptoCash app claims to be able to deliver results with a high degree of accuracy (i.e. 99.4%). However, this number has no basis to it and there is no factual data provided by the product’s dev team to support this notion – even in the slightest.

(ii) False Earning Expectations: The creators of Crypto Cash have stated on their website that users of their app will be able to “double, triple, and quadruple their hard-earned savings” within no time. This claim again has no substance to it at…

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