ADN Coin CEO Confirms Listing on BitForex Exchange by June 9, 2019

ADN Coin, a project spearheaded by finance and cryptocurrency experts Ron Lim and Jon Ban, announced that they will be listing ADN Coin on several of the top cryptocurrency exchanges starting on June 9, 2019. The first exchange that will list ADN Coin is BitForex. The ADN Coin project also confirms that it is slated to be listed on at least six other exchanges in the next fifteen days, shortly following the BitForex listing. The names of the other exchanges remain a mystery, but will be revealed soon enough.

According to Mr. Ron Lim, Chief Executive Officer of ADN Coin:
“The project is going smoothly. We have confirmed the listing of ADN Coin with BitForex. We are finalizing the listing details with other exchanges and will be able to announce the names of these exchanges soon. We want to thank our development team and our supporters who continue to believe and invest in this revolutionary project.”

Most recently, Tad Einstein, descendant of the great Albert Einstein, has publicly announced that he has partnered with ADN Coin and will serve in the capacity of Chief Information Officer and Strategic Advisor. Mr. Einstein believes in the innovative mechanisms and disruptive technology that the project proposes. He said “ADN Coin is a project that my team and I are devoting significant time and resources to. For too long, the ICO market has widely been used as a vehicle for fraud and deception, until now. ADN Coin and its underlying ecosystem are purpose built to re-instill investor confidence in the ICO process as well as provide the platform which will power real-world e-commerce leveraging cryptocurrencies. The ADN team is proud to be the leader in this revolution and is excited to deliver these necessary industry innovations to the world.”

BitForex Announced the Launching of ADN Coin with the details below:

ADN deposit will be available on 2019/06/09 16:00 (GMT+8)

ADN/BTC trading pair will be available on 2019/06/10 16:00 (GMT+8)

ADN withdrawal will be…

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