ADF Group Endorses Apollo Currency as ‘Only and Obvious Choice’ to 54 African Nations

Today Apollo Currency​ announces a historic partnership with African Development Funding Group (ADF Group) to encourage the use and adoption of cryptocurrency at a national level across the continent of Africa.

The ADF Group works directly with 54 African Nations at the presidential and ministerial level to provide funding and sustainable development on a range of commercial and non-profit ventures. In addition, the ADF Group offers a comprehensive suite of financial consulting services to governments, specializing in wealth management, infrastructure projects, and more.

The ADF Group originated as an investment company focused on Africa, but has since expanded its reach on a global scale as an international fund management and private equity company with interests across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

In an official letter dated May 30, 2019, ADF Group CEO, Mr. Anthony Mokhele states the following:

“We as the ADF, with our mandate of facilitating funding and solutions for the upliftment of Africa continuously investigate emerging technologies that will enable our vision to create wealth within Africa.

“It is for this reason that we have identified Apollo Currency Africa as the only and obvious choice with regard to cryptocurrency and its application in an African perspective, to form a partnership and integrate into our involvement in the African continent.

“Because of Apollo’s independent blockchain and endless features we are endorsing its use and adoption to any of the fifty-four (54) African countries we have relationships with.”

Apollo has made tremendous strides over the past 12 months by developing innovative solutions to longstanding challenges, namely the issues of speed, long term sustainability, privacy, and high transaction fees that plague some of the more established blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Apollo, on the other hand, has managed to develop Sharding, a breakthrough technology that allows…

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