Achievements Won’t Save Doomed Google Stadia

  • Google Stadia recently received achievements, according to Twitter.
  • Despite having a cult following, the Stadia system is dramatically unpopular with most people.
  • Adding achievements is the last thing they should have been worried about doing to fix their platform.

Google Stadia may not be the most popular gaming service in history, but it has a cult following. Cult might even be too fitting of a word. The fan communities of Reddit and Twitter are zealous with their love of the service. Despite this, wider perception seems to be that Google Stadia isn’t all that great.

Recently Google tweeted that they’d finally be adding achievements to the service, bringing themselves in line with the year 2009. It seems pretty apparent that this new addition isn’t going to actually save Google Stadia. In fact, it’s barely going to help anyone at all.

The Google Stadia controller might be great (depending on who you ask), but no console has been saved by having a great controller. | Source: Google

Achievements Are the Least of Google Stadia’s Problems Right Now

Achievements are pretty great. Well, at least achievements are great if you’re the type of gamer who enjoys hunting for achievements. Regardless, it’s a nice touch for the users of a particular console or gaming service. Having said that, they don’t really do anything.

Adding achievements to the service should definitely not have been a major priority for Google. Possibly fixing the broken performance issues would have been a better bet, maybe even making it so that those things which were promised during the lead up to Google Stadia’s release weren’t lies.

Does everyone remember when Google said that the Stadia was going to have 4k 60fps gaming? Do you also remember how that has not proven to be the case for some of the biggest titles on the service? It just seems so weird to think that getting virtual awards into your gaming service was more important than making it work properly and telling the…

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