Accointing makes crypto simple with their latest portfolio tracking solution


With the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies across the globe (most recently the bullish news from China), individuals are eagerly looking forward to investing in digital assets. Due to several complexities in the crypto market, it is difficult for them to invest in the space. Obtaining proper investment information is complex and stakeholders want to ensure certain security levels through different platforms where they hold their crypto assets.

Also, managing their investments is an uphill task for the crypto hobbyists and traders. To address this issue, Accointing, a crypto portfolio management and tax platform, came up with a powerful solution to help users keep track of their portfolio.

Crypto management made easy:

Accointing’s Portfolio Tracking App provides minute-data automatic updates, making it simple for the user to keep up with all the developments in the market in real-time and the investor’s performance over time. Accointing’s Portfolio Management Tool provides users with a performance overview of their cryptocurrency. Accointing designed the platform to generate useful information for investments along with the possibility of creating and printing a tax report according to the user’s jurisdiction and laws.

Consolidating the Data:

Creating different solutions is possible by consolidating the users’ exchange and wallet trades and transactions. This way, the platform can align and define the useful variables and metrics to generate insightful outputs. Users can do so by adding both .csv files or directly inputting their APIs per exchange. They can also add public wallet addresses to track wallet transactions (income, payments, airdrops, etc). If the users are not comfortable with these two options, Accointing also offers an alternative to input their transactions manually, via mobile or desktop.

About the team:

Accointing was created by crypto investors, who were disappointed with the complexity and burden of having several…

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