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“Cryptoanarchy.” It’s not a new term, but it has sincerely evolved throughout the years as the advancement of the sovereign, personal reserve currency started taking over the financial system and began attracting more and more investment capital from large institutions.

However, the term will eventually be hijacked as the sovereign individuals arise due to the powers granted them by their monetary reserve. Eventually, this will lead to problems that many right now are attempting to counteract by putting thought into the establishment of modern citadels and protective social groups.

The idea of Bitcoin citadels is based on the idea of self-preservation, achieving isolation from the masses and those in power who could potentially harm Bitcoiners. This process of potential harm has already started and it will be impossible to halt because some individuals recognized the underlying dangers that these newly-acquired freedoms can pose. Freedom, in this sense, is absolute because Bitcoin grants absolute freedom. When you hold Bitcoin, you are basically in control of your own personal nuclear missile launch codes. This grants sovereign individuals the ultimate power on this planet.

Libertarian ideology in essence is a contributing factor to the need for citadel thinking, because its non-aggression principle is not often able to solve situations that involve violence. Since the future seems to look unstable, others might lean on the input of anarchocapitalists who are more willing to use their “launch codes” as weapons of mass destruction. This potential threat of violence is so great that the establishment of citadels has become a necessary consideration for many.

Future aspects of monetary transition and its effects are hardly predictable in the current Bitcoin epoch and at least five more years are required to have a clear visual image of what could happen and what the ascent of millions of sovereign individuals will cause in…

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