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Whether you are a novice trader or an FX veteran, you want to trade with an intuitive, secured, legal, and globally adopted digital banking platform. CoinZoom has one of the best platforms out there and is worth a look for anyone who wants to access top-tier trading services.

CoinZoom is a traditional B2C and B2B brokerage firm with a focus on streamlining the use of digital assets through its extremely talented team and institutional-grade platform.

In addition to delivering institutional-grade trading assets, it also provides all the tools needed for a novice to learn how to trade global markets. Furthermore, with great security and deep liquidity, it is also a wonderful option for institutional investors that want to enter the crypto trading space.

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About CoinZoom

CoinZoom was founded in 2018, by CEO Todd Crosland, a veteran in the FX industry. He has vast experience working as a registered Future Commission Merchant and Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer and was certified by the US Commodities Future Trading Commission.

Crosland knew how to build a team, and everyone at CoinZoom has extensive experience in global markets. The team was built from employees at global financial services firms who know how markets work.

CoinZoom Homepage
CoinZoom Homepage

The ZOOM token

The platform comes with its native token called ZOOM. It is a certified ERC20 utility token that could be used and trade freely throughout any Ethereum based crypto network and is inflation-proof through its designated cap of 600 million of the token into the total supply.

By using ZOOM on the exchange, users could enjoy up to 50% discount on trading fees and a 5% guarantee cashback on all CoinZoom Visa card purchases. The ZOOM token is how you get the most out of the CoinZoom exchange.

CoinZoom Regulations

Unlike other exchanges that are still in limbo with the US legal system on crypto, CoinZoom is a certified provider.

It is also the first exchange in the US to be able to issue its own Visa debit card and wallet,…

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