A Virtual Currency That Can Contribute to World Peace Is Born!

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Some people may feel that it was a big deal if we desire to achieve world peace, given the conflicting objectives of various nations and their members. However, depending on the accumulation of small things and the number of people involved, it can be achieved through strategic activities towards developing countries and the poor, such as donations and volunteers. But there is little merit; it was as far as a few people did. People who can abandon their merits and take actions are really limited. The same is true for loans. It is common for most of you to provide it to someone who has a benefit to you. And there is nothing wrong with it, as it is quite natural.

As a result of considering “a mechanism that benefits both sides” a Virtual currency “World Peace Coin” was born. It aims to provide financial services to the poor” as we do for world peace. There are many non-bank account holders in developing countries, and we have not received satisfying financial services. However, the penetration rate of mobile terminals such as smartphones in these developing countries is high, and it can be accepted if it is a service via the Internet.

The layers that are situated in these situations are:

  1. Schedule in target developing countries
  2. Infrastructure development in target developing countries
  3. Donation of WPC to target participants in target developing countries
  4. Acquiring detailed data on the donated WPC holder individually
  5. Data analysis by AI “TSUMUGI”
  6. Calculation of individual credit score of donated WPC holder
  7. Provide financial services according to credit score

If we can set up local infrastructure, we will finally provide financial services. Specifically, investors from around the world will make it possible by financing through WPC.

Just by financing, there is no merit on the investment side as it raised the problem in the opening section.

The new mining method “Proof of Lending (PoL)” has been born there. This is a mechanism that allows you to take a loan as a mining act and receive remuneration.

This will be the key of this time, and will play the core of the “mechanism that benefits both sides”. Investors receive payment by PoL by financing poor people.  Poor have more opportunities to enter economic activities by receiving loans. These results in economic activities among the poor in developing countries that have not worked so far have started smoothly and have created a virtuous circle. It will eventually spread to the second and third developing countries, and the disparity of the global rich and poor will be eased. This “World Peace Coin” is a virtual currency that can contribute to world peace while investing in seeking profits for investors.

We are seeking a lot of collaborators for WPProject.

World Peace Coin ICO Website: https://worldpeacecoin.io/

World Peace Coin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldpeacecoin/

Telegram: https://t.me/worldpeacecoin