A New Project Poised to Ease Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management

`The word ‘crypto’ in cryptocurrency speaks volumes about the complexity of this particular niche. It’s no secret, newcomers to the crypto trading world face many challenges. For starters, the newbie has to settle on a particular digital currency.

Picking the right token to invest in isn’t what it once used to be. The ever-growing number of new digital asset options is scary, not just for starters, but for the experts as well. After the beginner becomes conversant with the available crypto investment options, it’s time to pick a trading management platform.

Ideally, you’re interested in partnering up with a platform that helps mitigate trading risks, secure, and, with automation features for easy trading. An ideal crypto portfolio offers benefits such as:-

  • Convenient tracking of digital investments via apps
  • Seamless asset monitoring
  • Hassle-free orders
  • Easy comparison of your investments’ performance
  • Real-time updates, coin movements, and your balances

After picking an award-winning exchange platform, you proceed to research the best crypto trading strategies. In as much as the crypto movement has created many millionaires, it has also led to bankruptcy for many others. Very many people have seen their life savings obliterated in a matter of hours, days, or weeks. All because they were hasty and didn’t do due diligence before venturing into the profitable, yet risky crypto arena. Be a smart crypto trader and take the easy way out of automating your fund management.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Providing solutions to the inexperienced traders is exactly what Shivam Tandon set out to do.  In 2016, Shivam who’s an engineer cum serial investor got introduced to the cryptocurrency trading world. Being the problem solver he is, Shivam developed an ingenious set of algorithms to automate his crypto trade. These trading algorithms allowed him to trade 24/7 with the minimalist of fuss. Soon, Shivam opened up a Telegram channel to connect and share experiences…

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