A New Exchange to Buy Crypto, Trade Spot & Futures

AAX exchange is stepping into the crypto markets and providing a professional platform that anyone could explore and get used to trading crypto with security, performance, and integrity.

Founded in 2018 by an experienced team led by CEO Thor Chan, AAX was one of the first exchanges to enter the market after cryptos saw a big decline. It was developed with a forward-looking vision, it anticipated the future of mass adoption of crypto and a second coming of the crypto market.

The crypto market is currently seeing an influx of new and young investors looking for a way to diversify their assets. But, with an abundance of platforms available in the market with hundreds of different features, it can be hard to choose the right exchange.

AAX is worth a look for any crypto investor – no matter if you are a seasoned trader – or just looking to learn about the markets.

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AAX – The Exchange

The exchange prides itself on being one of the first exchanges to be a part of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Partner Platform, inheriting the same matching engine, the Millennium Exchange, and all of its perks such as extremely low latency, record trading speed and top tier security that is comparable to stock exchanges worldwide.

AAX provides simple four steps over-the-counter trading (OTC), quick crypto buying and selling of over 50 crypto pairs – over 30 pairs in the spot market, and support for more than 20 fiat options accompanied by easy crypto onramp and offramp straight to a bank account.

AAX Homepage
AAX Homepage

The platform also provides robust spot and future trading positions and also AAX Savings.

AAX Savings guarantees a return than the 50% higher than the market –and will generate returns every minute. The service requires no fee at all and users could deposit and withdraw funds at any time.

Furthermore, AAX Saving is extremely user and beginner-friendly, investors can make a deposit with four easy steps and will then receive interests the very next day.

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