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At Barter Smartplace, collectors can use barter exchange as the best way to build a collection. Trade coins for paintings, sculptures for digital art, a 1960s car for a collection of several gold coins, and many more exchange options are now available through barter.

What Is Barter Smartplace?

Barter Smartplace is a decentralized exchange for the barter trade of goods, currencies, and digital assets. The project has been developed with its own and private investment funds since December 2018, and this week the long-awaited launch of the NFT Marketplace took place with a security audit from Certik.io – the leaders of the blockchain security market for smart contracts. Barter is attracting a new round of funding to scale the capabilities of the Smartplace platform. The main goal is to create a legally significant basis for the transfer of ownership of goods through smart contracts and NFTs.

Barter Smartplace Features

Barter creates a blockchain platform for barter transactions, the objects of which can be any tokenized assets, real goods, and liquid currencies.

The development of the Barter ecosystem is based on the innovation of the proposed solutions and practical value for the market. Barter is built on three pillars: safety, convenience, and affordability.

Any Smartplace user can create a new NFT, be it CryptoArt, a game character, or even a real product or real estate object. The company is expanding the scope of NFT by applying the BEP-721 and BEP-1155 standards on Binance Smart Chain to tokenize ownership of real assets to connect the real world with the digital one.

It costs 10 BRTR to tokenize a product or create a digital NFT. From NFT, users create ads and offer barter exchange for other goods or supported cryptocurrencies: BRTR, BNB, BTC, ETH, BUSD, DOGE, and also have the opportunity to put them up for auction. The commission for placing an ad is paid in BRTR and is only 0.02% of the cost of goods…

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