A New Design for Wallet Pages

A new, more user-friendly and simple set of pages designed to help people find
an ideal bitcoin wallet is now available. It includes a step-by-step wizard to
help people become more familiar with wallets, ratings to compare how they stack
up alongside other wallets, as well as explanations of features they provide
in order to help people make their own informed decisions. Aside from the
wizard, a completely new comparative table and selector is available so people
can see how wallets fare against one another. This is designed to help
people quickly find a wallet to meet their needs.

Check out the new wallet pages and curate your own list of

The Old Design

While the old wallet pages presented an assortment of wallets people could
choose from, the experience of doing so was cumbersome and tedious. In order to
see how wallets were rated one would need to navigate to each individual wallet
and then browse back to the overview page to select another wallet to see how
the two might compare. It was not possible to see these comparisons side by
side. One would need to use multiple tabs or browser windows and toggle back and
forth, or a single window, navigating backward and forward.

In addition to the comparative difficulties, millions of people visit
bitcoin.org, many of whom are new to Bitcoin, and have little to no familiarity
with how it works. This is further complicated when a person needs to choose a
bitcoin wallet and has no idea what makes one an optimal choice, what the
features are and what they do, or what they need.

The new design resolves these issues by allowing people to easily compare
wallets, see how they’re rated and subsequently generate a list of wallets based
on available features – in addition to explaining things each step along the

Wallet Ratings

Wallets are given one of four ratings – good, acceptable, caution or neutral.
These ratings are applied across six categories:

  • Control: Some wallets give you full control over…

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