A New Cryptocurrency Exchange for Mexico & LATAM

Mexo, a newly launched cryptocurrency exchange platform, is now open to the public after its product launch on 20th of August, 2020. The launch is headed by Krypital Group, a blockchain-centric venture capital firm.

Mexo aims to encourage cryptocurrency trading in the Mexican and Latin American markets – a sector that has been at the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

Though the product will be accessible to the public only after the launch, its website is already functioning. As of now, signing up for Mexo is possible only with a VIP invitation code.

Mexo has been successful in catching our attention, and so here we explore what the platform offers and what to expect after its launch.

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What is Mexo?

The Latin American market has been demonstrating significant growth in the blockchain economy. Mexo will facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrency pairs for those based in LATAM and Mexico, by providing ample opportunities to conduct secure digital currency trading.

With leading personalities in the industry behind the team, the product will offer true liquidity, diversification of products, and reliable customer service.

On Mexo, you can engage in trading of both BTC and stable coins. Currently, there are 21 stable coin pairs, and 9 bitcoin trading pairs accessible on the platform.

The Mexo homepage
The Mexo homepage

Additionally, several LATAM currencies are also available, including the Mexican peso, Uruguayan peso, Argentinian peso, Chilean peso, Colombian peso, Peruvian sol, and Belize dollar. Additionally, there will be support for the US dollar and the Chinese yuan.

As you can see, the platform focuses on making it easier for Latin American users to enter into the cryptocurrency markets from the comfort of their home.

How to Register on Mexo

You can create an account on Mexo with either your phone number or your email ID. However, after creating an account, you will be required to verify your identity by completing two out of the three verification…

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