A Look Back at the Decade in Tech

This is going to be my last Money Morning of the decade.

That sounds gloomy. It’s not.

Next week I’m away on annual leave. Time to fly home to Australia from the UK. A summery Christmas beckons. And a chance for a lot of family to meet my son, the newest addition to it.

But that means I’m ‘off duty’ next week. And the following week is Christmas, when the Port Phillip office will be closed. So you won’t hear from me then. And the week after is the start of the New Year…so you won’t hear from me then either.

I know, I know, don’t get too sad…

The exciting thing is that when you do hear from me next it will be the year 2020. That’s the start of a new decade.

How exciting! I know I’m excited by it.

And what way would I best celebrate the New Year than by flying off to Las Vegas on my own for a week?

Sounds fun. And it is. But I’m not there to play. In fact I don’t expect I’ll spend any time on the casino floor.

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A peek into tomorrow’s future

I’m in Vegas from 4 to 10 January, for the huge consumer tech trade show, CES. It’s been a couple years since my last visit. Needless to say, I’m super pumped for it.

Last time I was there I took a spin in an Audi self-driving car. I got to see the first iterations of ‘flying taxis’. There were drones everywhere. Cryptocurrency was even just starting to peek its head through the door. There were huge announcements from tech giants like Samsung, LG, Toyota, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA.

And then some real hidden gems tucked away. Companies developing haptic technology, wireless dynamic charging, holographic and immersive technology devices, autonomous robots, vehicles…CES is jam-packed with the latest and greatest in tech.

That means come the new year you’ll be hearing from me LIVE at CES 2020.

The other reason I’m excited by CES is I’m going to put together a list of the most breakthrough and revolutionary…

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