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For years now the well known economist and gold bug Peter Schiff has continuously spoken out against bitcoin, as he claims precious metals are far superior. A great number of people have rebutted Schiff’s statements about bitcoin but during the last year, the gold bug has had a different thorn on his side. In recent days, Schiff’s nemesis on Twitter is his own son Spencer Schiff, a young entrepreneur who is “interested in finance, Austrian economics, libertarianism, [and] anarcho-capitalism.”

Gold Bug vs. Bitcoin Bug

During the last year, Bitcoin.com News has reported on Peter Schiff on numerous occasions and one time our newsdesk did a report on his father Irwin Schiff. His now-deceased father Irwin was a very popular libertarian and tax resistance advocate who published a number of books.

In other instances this year, our newsdesk also covered Peter’s son as well. Peter’s son, Spencer Schiff, is an advocate for bitcoin (BTC) and he always has something to say when his father tweets about the leading crypto asset.

On Sunday morning (ET), when his Father tweeted a reply to a Zerohedge article about inflation, Spencer wrote: “Better get yourself some sats,” in reply to his Dad’s tweet.

When Peter wrote a tweet about the Federal Reserve and its Chair Jerome Powell not showing concern about inflation, Spencer replied with a laser eyes picture of his dad and said “join us.”

However, when someone told Peter that he raised a smart kid the gold bug wrote:

He may be smart, but when it comes to Bitcoin, he’s a complete fool.

Spencer Questions Listening to His Father’s Advice About Bitcoin

A few days prior, Peter Schiff tweeted about his other favorite precious metal, silver, while also sharing an article about the subject. His son responded to the tweet, as he often does every few days, with a tweet about bitcoin coming after…

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