A Look at Facebook’s Diem Wallet- Token Sale Accepts 3 Cryptos, Strict KYC, Hefty Data Collection – Bitcoin News

During the last two years, there’s been a lot of interest in Facebook’s cryptocurrency diem (formally libra) and rumors of a nearing launch date went viral last November. Now the social media giant is advertising the crypto asset’s pre-sale heavily on the platform, as people can now purchase diem with U.S. dollars and three different cryptocurrencies.

Facebook Is Selling Diem Coins for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash

Facebook is in the midst of the company’s token sale where individuals can invest funds in order to purchase the social media firm’s upcoming cryptocurrency. Last November, news.Bitcoin.com reported on the launch date rumors, and following the discussions, Facebook rebranded “Libra” and called the project “Diem.”

Now the crypto asset was expected to launch in January, but it seems the company is now planning to sell tokens for the next 18 days into February. Facebook has also been advertising the token sale on the social media platform regularly, in order to entice users to get in on the sale.

“We are offering a pre-sale discount for early investors,” the Diem project web portal details. “You can participate in the birth of diem and be one of the first buyers. Buy diem coins now with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash.”

In order to give our readers some inside perspective on the token sale, news.Bitcoin.com fired up a wallet from the Diem Association or projectdiem.io web portal. At the time of publication, 18 days until the sale ends a single DIEM is selling on the platform for 0.62 USD. It seems they are using this pre-sale period in order to gradually build the network. One very interesting fact about the Diem pre-sale is the three cryptocurrencies Facebook is willing to accept for the new coin.

Identity Verification and Data Collection

In order to purchase the token, a user needs to leverage either bitcoin (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH), ethereum (ETH), and they can…

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