A Green Path to Power Blockchain

After years of research and development, iM Intelligent Mining has created an Autonomous, Solar-Powered, Decentralized Mining Rig. The company’s fully renewable and reusable infrastructure allows highly profitable blockchain mining without harming the environment.

Founded in 2017 by Daniel Elimelech, iM Intelligent Mining is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Elimelech is a young entrepreneur who has a great interest in environmental sustainability, and developing systems that make green tech a reality.

iM intelligent Mining was created after the founder started mining in his own home and had to deal with heat and dust problems, high energy consumption, loud noises, and other inconveniences.

iM Technology Can Make a Big Impact

iM intelligent Mining would like to transfer data mining to a sustainable energy model which is combined with greater decentralization of mining operations.

Bitcoin mining consumes energy in large amounts, and in many cases, it uses fossil fuels for power. This will increase as Bitcoin usage and price both shoot up over the medium term.

Mining operations are overly centralized with 5 main players controlling most of the market – which also creates the risk of a 51% attack.

In order to deal with the problems of worldwide power consumption, environmental damage, centralized block-mining operations, and high barriers to entry for individuals and developing countries, iM created a technology that may engender a paradigm shift in blockchain mining.

The operation is supported by the following key features:

State of the Art

iM’s highly efficient and streamlined operation is built at scale which helps it be cheaper and more effective than personalized rigs.

The specialized cooling technology not only keeps the equipment cool in the desert but also excess heat generated by mining activity is captured and reused.
Furthermore, extra power is sold to local grids and can be returned to iM at night.


Token holders are able to stake iM tokens to…

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