A Grain of Truth in a Blockchain of Ambiguity

The scalability issue still exists, and many projects on the blockchain market are struggling with it, each in their own way. All of the mainstays like Tron, ETH, and all the others, are in a heated contest to become the first to solve the dilemma.

But the innocuous outsiders are likely to be the winners – like the ILСOIN blockchain network, which is developing its own solution for the challenges facing the Bitcoin network, one that surpasses all existing ones, even regardless of fleeting news announcements.

Records abound in the blockchain industry, but some are wrongfully attributed, while others simply go unnoticed. Media coverage is the key in this unfair industry, as best demonstrated by the Bitcoin SV network, which has recently blatantly announced that their block size is a record-setter, neglecting the obvious and transparently evident fact that its achievement is far from stellar.

Mid-March of 2021 was a landmark for the entire Bitcoin SV community as it reveled amidst a flurry of news that the network managed to eke out a 638 MB block, which was instantly pronounced to be a record for the entire blockchain industry. Though the block size is impressive compared to the first blocks generated on the Bitcoin network, the announcement falls short of a sensation, since the ILСOIN Blockchain Network generated a whopping 5GB block all the way back in November of 2019. The achievement is recorded, viewable for all, and its proof can be found via the ILСOIN Block Explorer at Block 310280.

Norbert Goffa, Cо-Founder of the ILСOIN Blockchain Network stated in response to the ambiguity the both the SV network and ILСOIN are part of the Bitcoin network and all achievements on it should be universally shared for the good of the blockchain as a whole. He also added the SV network is actually of fork of Bitcoin and has fewer rights in stating that their achievement is purely attributable to Bitcoin.

There have been attempts by the ILСOIN team to clarify the evident…

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