A Global Pandemic Could Change the Way We Watch Movies – Forever

  • The global coronavirus pandemic has forced Hollywood studios either shelve upcoming releases indefinitely or tentatively pencil them in for later release dates.
  • Universal went in a different direction. They announced that they would distribute select theatrical releases for rental at home.
  • As we move into a post-coronavirus world, could we see this approach replace the traditional cinematic release format?

With everything going on with the coronavirus, I wouldn’t blame you if the cinema was the last thing from your mind.

It’s very much a concern for those involved in the industry, though. And how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic is something for the decision-makers at the likes of Universal and Disney to tackle over the coming weeks and months.

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Coronavirus forces studios to shelve releases

Anticipated movie releases such as Fast and Furious 9, Peter Rabbit 2, and A Quiet Place Part II have all been postponed for now, at least.

Some have pencilled in a release in 2021. Other companies are ambitiously planning for a release this summer, while some aren’t confirming dates.

These delays are hitting movie companies big-time where it hurts most. In the pocket.

Recent reports suggest that the movie industry is going to be hit to the tune of around $200 billion.


There’s also the need to pause production on future projects.

Sources claim that the likes of Disney, who have halted production on Shang-Chi and Little Mermaid, are losing upwards of $300,000 per day.

Universal and Disney are tackling the coronavirus in a different way

If you’d told me a few months ago that The Invisible Man movie would become part of movie history, I would have questioned your sanity.

However, it looks as though the release will be among the first to be made available for online rental before their theatrical release window closes.

This approach isn’t a blanket rule for all upcoming releases from Universal.

Disney for their part have also brought forward…

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