A Glimpse Into the Artists’ Unique Perspectives – Interview Bitcoin News

The incredible momentum of the nascent non-fungible token (NFT) market has attracted significant attention from collectors and investors alike. Still, one group that is notably benefiting from this paradigm shift is the artists behind these creative works.

New Era for Art Emerges as a Net Positive for Creators

Over the last few months, much of the attention drawn to NFTs have been a function of soaring valuations for digital art and collectibles that seemingly set new records every week. Enthusiasts needn’t look any further than the appearance of multiple exchange platforms, niches, and new mediums that NFTs are pioneering to recognize the inherent value proposition of this fresh standard.

While auction results are certainly a fascinating interest story, the advantage for artists who are largely overlooked is even more compelling. Yet, the artist’s point of view has largely been absent from the NFT discussion and debate, despite playing a central role in this budding movement.

Instead of recognizing this advantage, many critics focus on the drawbacks, like the environmental impact of platforms like Ethereum. With Hic et Nunc, a Tezos-based NFT marketplace that stands for “Here and Now” overcoming these critiques, the perspective can be shifted back to the platform’s art contributors like Nancy Baker Cahill, Greg Yüna, and Ben Clarkson. Each of them harbors exciting views on the status and outlook for NFTs.

NFTs as a Source of Empowerment and Expanded Opportunities

Many creators see this new archetype as a means to push the boundaries of art even further in a supportive community environment, and luxury jewelry designer Greg Yüna echoes this notion.

According to Yüna,

Jewelry has been one way for me to bring to life a creative vision, but I’ve also always sought out opportunities to take that and express it elsewhere…It’s great that now people are really understanding that digital art can be the product itself,…

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