A Glance at the Most Sought-After and Eminent ICOs of All Times

The world of cryptocurrencies is as big as it gets and there have been continuous changes in it. But since the beginning, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) seem to have become the most popular among other sectors of the crypto world, and that makes it one of the most successful ventures. ICOs are the fundraising sales crowdsourced to unveiling new services, coins, and tokens for the interested investors. However, with the popularity comes a higher risk because of its speculative nature. Even then there is always a great hype around these ICOs, and we decided to come up with the topmost successful and popular ICOs of all times.

Top 10 Most Successful and Popular ICOs

  1. NEO

Also known as “China’s Ethereum,” NEO has gained the first position in this list topping Ethereum at second which tried to size itself up with Bitcoin. NEO is a first Chinese blockchain project that has gone with diverse titles in history.

The platform made such a huge name for itself by employing smart contract applications, identification, digitized assets, and decentralized commerce. They have the support from big names in the industry namely Microsoft, Chinese government and Alibaba which makes it a preferably confident platform.

NEO has zoomed past from its initial token value of $0.03 to $88.20 with an ATH of $180, and ROI (Return on Investment) of 294,000%.

  1. Ethereum

Also known as the second biggest and most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum holds the second rank in the list of the most popular ICOs. It is a ledger technology used to implement the effect of decentralized applications.

Vitalik Buterin introduced Ethereum soon after the boom of Bitcoin, and it has ventured successfully in the ICO world since then. The ROI of Ethereum has reached new heights by swinging successfully at 230,000%.

  1. Spectrecoin

This is the third most successful and popular ICO of all times since it was launched back in 2016 as a cryptocurrency focused on privacy. The biggest factor that has contributed to…

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