A DeFi Liquidity Aggregator Ecosystem On the Rise

Liquidity aggregator projects, which source token liquidity from multiple decentralized exchanges, have been a hit in the DeFi ecosystem this year.

These projects have gained traction fast because they offer traders the ability to trade efficiently, and they help stabilize a given token’s entire market.

But what we haven’t seen a lot of in the cryptoeconomy to date is liquidity aggregators that source liquidity both from DEXes and CEXes, or centralized crypto exchanges. This model makes a lot of sense, but it’s not the easiest thing to accomplish. So this is where the upstart Orion Protocol project comes in.

What Is Orion Protocol?

Steered by former Waves software architect Alexey Koloskov, Orion Protocol is a DeFi platform that brings together elements from brokerages, exchanges, and trading apps into a single, user-friendly portal.

Underpinning the platform is a liquidity aggregator system that’s linked to Orion’s own in-house DEX as well as to a range of top crypto exchanges. This system means Orion’s users can rest easy knowing their trade quotes are as accurate as possible.

When it comes to security the Orion Protocol is notably non-custodial, too, meaning traders never have to worry about the “not your keys, not your crypto” maxim when trading on the platform.

Orion’s Top Products

The Orion Protocol offers a series of flagship products that, collectively, help comprise the project’s “universal gateway to crypto markets.” These products include the following releases:

  • The Orion App Store, where Orion-powered decentralized apps can be safely accessed and leveraged.
  • A DEX Kit, through which users can readily launch their own customized and Orion-linked decentralized exchanges and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) on networks like Ethereum, Stellar, and more.
  • A liquidity plugin offering, which lets CEXes and DEXes easily connect their liquidity to the Orion Protocol.
  • The Orion Terminal, an all-in-one, UX-centric crypto trading terminal that helps…

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