A Crypto-Powered Solution for Subscription Payments

The first dApp built on Cardano, Revuto gives you control of your subscriptions, leveraging recurring payments with REVU tokens and more DeFi services.

In few words, Revuto is an intuitive single-piece dashboard subscription management service thought out to save customers’ time, energy, and money. Revuto users can completely redefine the subscription management experience.

Are you tired of increasingly paying for subscriptions you either don’t use or underutilize? pay for Netflix or Spotify’s service only for the months you actually use it. If you suspect a subscription is stealing your money, block it in seconds without the need of unsubscribing.

Stake REVU to your subscription payments and forget about individually managing subscriptions. You pay for just one subscription and get the others via password swapping.

Going live in June 2021, get ready for Revuto!

No More Unnecessary Payments

From June onwards consumers can pay only for what they actually use. No more hidden extra charges. The Revuto app will allow you to:

  • Approve (pay),
  • Block (you don’t pay for this month, but can activate it next month), or
  • Snooze (postpone) any subscription payment each month, in seconds

Download the Revuto dApp for free, and start paying only a 4-7% protection fee for those subscriptions you approve to pay (five max).

Revuto is ideal for typical consumers (subscribed to typical entertainment, education, and other services).

For the more sophisticated prosumers or freelancers there is Revuto Pro: designed for business owners, pay a small membership fee if you are planning to have 15 subscriptions or above.

Basically, Revuto has no competition, there are no other subscription managers that combine tracking and actual control at the same time.

With Revuto you can manage your subscription economy, with features designed to fully control free trials, hidden fees, and auto-renewals.

Moreover, Revuto also allows you to manage your password sharing and swapping, for instance, you can swap…

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