A Conversation with Nick Grossman, Partner at Union Square Ventures

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Union Square Ventures is one of the most prominent east coast VC firms and is also one of the most notable mainstream investors in the bitcoin market. On this episode of The Scoop USV partner Nick Grossman joined us to discuss the firm’s approach to investing in the market — he was recently promoted to partner to lead blockchain investments after 5 years with the firm. We spoke about Libra association which USV is a member of, we examined USV’s portfolio and talked about the future of venture capital and the future of capital formation. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Frank Chaparro Alright ladies and gentlemen thank you so much. I’m very excited for what is an incredibly special episode of The Scoop. I’m joined by my very special co-host Teo Leibowitz and we are here with Union Square Venture partner Nick Grossman. Nick, thank you so much for taking the time. Listeners, you’ve probably heard of this firm. It’s very well known and respected in the cryptocurrency market led by it’s very impressive leader Fred Wilson. They have two funds that are making investments in cryptocurrency related projects. The first company you invested in was Coinbase in 2013. So early to the market relative to a number of other players it’s not known exactly how much you guys have in the market but it’s certainly sizable relative to some of the other things you’re investing in. The best place to start Nick, the firm recently made headlines for a comment Fred had about Ethereum. I’m just going to read it for the listeners I’m going to put on my…

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