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Most new cryptocurrency investors are quickly overwhelmed by the sheer volatility and trading volume of any given cryptocurrency currently on the market. Given that swings of 20 to 30 percent are often considered to be the norm for the asset class, the unfortunate truth is that making money through margin trading is perhaps far harder than losing everything.

Realizing the gaping disconnect between investors and the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Workshop aims to deliver a one of its kind education platform for those looking to maximize their profits. The platform includes a host of different offerings, such as tutorials on wallets, exchanges and portfolio tools, Q&A sessions and even daily performance reviews.

According to Koty Slough, CEO of the platform, Bitcoin Workshop was born out of a desire for an all encompassing education platform for cryptocurrencies.

“When we first started investing in cryptocurrency, we noticed something very striking. There were news websites. There were educational websites. There were even some people giving their opinions on ICO’s and coins. What you didn’t have, however, was a one-stop shop. There was no place that you could go to that gave you everything, and we believed that was extremely necessary for investors in this space.”

As a result of this need, Bitcoin Workshop came into existence, promising to educate both, new and seasoned investors to the cryptocurrency market. Given that cryptocurrencies are currently more volatile than it has ever been in the history of the market, it is possible for almost anyone to lose a lot of money because of bad investment strategies.

Bitcoin Workshop’s main claim to fame is that its co-founders have managed to make “thousands of percent in gains” over the course of time. However, that level of success can only be attained when an investor spends entire days watching their portfolios like a hawk. Most people cannot afford making cryptocurrency trading their full time job, which is exactly where this platform shines.

Koty alludes to this as well, stating,

“We wanted to give both the casual and savvy investor the same information that is making us massive amounts of money. We aren’t financial advisors and we don’t manage your money, but we are careful, consistent, integrity-driven investors who want to share our knowledge with others who have the same mindset.”

The Bitcoin Workshop Morning Update video, as its name suggests, is filmed every morning by co-founders, Koty and Rebecca. They believe that the segment is an especially important part of the platform since it not only allows them to connect directly with their members everyday, but also provide them with latest news stories, price fluctuations and market indicators.

The platform also offers every member access to an exclusive section called ‘portfolio picks’. The page is meant to essentially be a representation of the exact investments made by the Bitcoin Workshop team in real-time. Alongside that, the page also houses a detailed and updated video explaining the investment decision.

Due to the ever-changing nature of cryptocurrencies, access to the Bitcoin Workshop platform is offered through either a monthly or yearly subscription. Those looking to demo the platform before actually committing to a full-fledged subscription can also sign up for a free two week trial. Post the trial period, users that decide to subscribe for the entire year will  receive an instant 40 percent discount.

Bitcoin Workshop also has its own affiliate program wherein existing subscribers can invite their friends and acquaintances to the platform. The company promises to compensate the referrer 40 percent of every member’s revenue that signs up through them, every month. Koty believes that this “is an unprecedented reward system and we are very proud of it because it let’s us give back to our community.”

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