A Colorful Crypto Hawker or Surprising Business Savant? – Op-Ed Bitcoin News

Although he is outspoken, raucous, and bombastic when it comes to his public persona, Sun’s questionable publicity stunts could be part and parcel of his strategy for catapulting Tron into the spotlight and capitalizing on crypto’s momentum.

Bombastic Approach May Underpin Tron’s Success

It’s tough to take Tron’s Justin Sun seriously. His endless shilling on Twitter and use of celebrity endorsements of the likes of Lindsey Lohan are certainly not helping him cultivate an image of blockchain savvy.

Yet, despite his controversial approach, something more interesting is brewing beneath the surface. Even with his limited technological abilities compared to Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and Polkadot’s Gavin Wood, Sun has managed to position himself as one of the most successful individuals within the field.

With his brash style of sucking all the oxygen out of the room with his comments or ideas, no matter good or bad, Justin Sun has positioned himself as a mighty successful cryptopreneur. While he is still frowned upon by many within the community for his hollow attempts to stay in the spotlight, there is no doubt that some of his business acquisitions and partnerships have been strokes of brilliance.

Is Sun a More Potent Business Force Than Previously Thought?

Yes, it might sound questionable to be talking about taking Justin Sun more seriously, but in truth, a closer look at his business dealings tells us a starkly different tale. Starting with his $120 million acquisition of Bittorrent in 2018, Sun was on the receiving end of a wave of negative publicity.

As one of the earliest decentralized protocols that arrived long before cryptocurrency, BitTorrent’s global status was still a feather in Sun’s cap given its name recognition and seamless fit within the crypto ecosystem. Eventually, Sun went on to list Bittorrent Token (BTT) on Tron’s blockchain. It turned out to be a smart move. BTT has since rocketed to the…

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