A clear majority in favour of complete government’s move to Berlin

25 years after the decision on the allocation of the Federal government between Bonn and Berlin, the wish of a clear majority of Germans have a complete relocation from the Rhine to the Spree.

In a survey conducted by the opinion research Institute YouGov on behalf of the German press Agency, 55 percent were in favour and only 27 percent against.

Even in North Rhine-Westphalia, where the former Federal capital, Bonn, are more civil for a complete move than against it: With a 47 to 36 percent, the result fell, however, as expected, narrower than in the Rest of the Republic. By the Berliners for almost two-thirds (65 percent) want to have the entire government in your city, only 18 percent would prefer to do without it.

On Friday (26. April) 25 years ago, the German Bundestag, the Berlin/Bonn had adopted the law on the allocation of ministries between the two cities. It provides that “the largest part of the jobs of the Federal ministries will remain in the Federal city of Bonn”. This is however already the case since 2008. Today, only about a third of the mini Ministerial jobs in Bonn.

In the case of a complete relocation of the majority of the respondents holds a compensation of Bonn is not appropriate. Only 25 per cent were in favour, 53% against. In Eastern Germany, almost two-thirds against a compensation (63 percent) of Bonn with a complete relocation.

Even today, 6 of the 14 ministries for their first official seat in Bonn. The ministries for education and research, for health, for agriculture, for the environment, as well as for defense and development are established, the rest of the on the Spree. The ministries, the first of which is based in Berlin, have a second seat in Bonn.


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