A Blockchain Based Digital Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency world is revolutionizing the way people think about money. Since its inception, the financial markets have witnessed the emergence of several new ICOs.

However, the main problem is that the majority of digital coins are created with speculative use – only to end up as a tradable asset in the financial markets.

Gleec Coin was created to change this reality – by adding real-world value to the digital asset. The coin is a part of the Gleec ecosystem where it can be used as a payment method for services and goods.

The platform also allows users to enjoy a range of bonuses and services on its network.

In this guide, we take a closer look at what the Gleec Coin ecosystem is from top to bottom.

What is the Gleec Ecosystem?

Gleec advertises itself as the first digital ecosystem powered by blockchain. The platform currently supports different applications that work together seamlessly, complementing each other to form a network of interconnected applications.

The ecosystem was designed to be simple enough so that everyone can benefit from blockchain technology. In order to make the most of these products, you will first have to invest in the Gleec token.

Gleec Token

Unlike the other popular cryptocurrencies in circulation, Gleec Coin was developed with practical usage in mind. The coin serves as a utility token with its primary use in the Native Ecosystem.

As a Bitcoin fork, the coin has been in development since 2017 – although it officially entered the crypto market as recently as 2019.

Gleec Coin has a limited total supply of 21 million tokens. The token is currently listed on over 15 cryptocurrency exchanges, including HitBTC, Probit Exchange, and SistemCoin.

Today, with a market cap of over $43 million, the coin is clearly at the very start of its digital currency journey.

Gleec Working Products

Here is an overview of the products that are currently available in the Gleec ecosystem:

Gleec Chat

Gleec Chat serves as a secure communication app, compatible with…

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