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Non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles have been seeing relentless demand and publicity these days. While the Ethereum network has been the dominant force in this space, a great number of alternative blockchains have been introducing NFT support. In recent weeks, Bitcoin Cash proponents have been leveraging an NFT marketplace called juungle.net. The marketplace has a myriad of Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP)-based collections of NFTs for sale.

Meet Juungle.net: A Bitcoin Cash NFT Marketplace

Bitcoin cash fans have been recently introduced to a new non-fungible token (NFT) asset market called juungle.net. The market allows individuals to purchase SLP-based NFTs with bitcoin cash (BCH), and the NFTs can be stored for collecting purposes.

At first, the Juungle web portal only had Waifu NFTs for sale, as the marketplace is still in its alpha development phase. Bitcoin.com’s newsdesk reported on Waifu NFTs in an editorial that teaches people how to create a non-fungible token (NFT) asset by utilizing the Simple Ledger Protocol.

In that guide, Bitcoin.com discussed a website called waifufaucet.com, a place where people can obtain free and unique NFTs of 2D anime art that’s been minted on the BCH chain. Waifu NFTs are being sold on Juungle, alongside a number of other BCH-based NFT collections.

Welcome to the Juungle: A Bitcoin Cash NFT Market That Allows Anyone Buy and Sell Unique SLP Collectibles

However, there is another guide, that teaches people how to create an SLP-based NFT that displays artwork on the SLP explorer and the Juungle market. For instance, on March 23, the read.cash author Bien explained that he was recently inspired by the guide written by the user @videogamedana. The guide written by @videogamedana shows users how to create NFTs with artwork that will be supported on the Juungle platform.

Bien detailed how he created a collection of NFTs called “Artcoin,” which is inspired by the look of a postage stamp. In the read.cash blog post, Bien describes all five designs he created and links to where his Artcoin NFTs are…

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