8 new altcoins currently under consideration

A couple of days ago, Coinbase announced that it plans to review new coins and potentially add one or more to its list of offered digital assets. There are eight coins currently under review, including some well-known ones, such as Dash, Ontology, and Waves.

The largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, announced recently that it plans to expand its list of offered cryptocurrencies even further. The new decision comes as a welcome surprise for the exchange’s customers, who got used to Coinbase only offering the safest trading and investment opportunities.

Initially, Coinbase only offered the most significant coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now, however, the exchange seems to be ready to take the next step and provide its clients with additional options.

The exchange stressed that the new coins are only being considered at the moment and that there is no guarantee that any of them will actually get listed. Even so, the possibility itself is exciting to many. The exchange expressed an interest in eight new altcoins, including Cosmos (ATOM), Matic Network (MATIC), Algorand (ALGO), Harmony (ONE), Decred (DCR), Waves (WAVES), Ontology (ONT), and Dash (DASH).

Coinbase explained that it wishes to support all assets that meet the platform’s technical requirements, while at the same time, they comply with the current relevant laws. Before it decides whether to accept or decline a particular asset, the exchange will take a look at different factors and features, including compliance level, security, as well as the assets’ alignment with the platform’s own goal — the creation of an open financial system for the entire world.

Coinbase also noted that it might be possible for users to see related frameworks and public-facing APIs while the process of examination of different coins is underway.

The most notable coins currently under review

Of course, Coinbase’s strict measures are not really a surprise for anyone…

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