6 Stimulus Packages Have Been Proposed to Provide Second Direct Payments to Americans

Six stimulus packages have been proposed to provide second stimulus checks for Americans. The latest proposal came from the White House on Friday. Several stimulus bills are being discussed as Americans hope to soon receive another round of direct payments to help them through the coronavirus pandemic-led economic crisis.

6 Stimulus Packages Proposed With Second Round of Stimulus Checks

Americans are waiting for Congress to pass a stimulus package with direct payments as many are suffering due to the coronavirus-led economic crisis. Since the CARES Act provided the first round of stimulus checks, a number of stimulus relief aid packages have been proposed with similar direct payments to Americans. The latest proposal came from the White House on Friday.

After the $3.4 trillion Heroes Act which provides a second round of stimulus checks for American was stalled in the Senate, a revised version of the Act was introduced at the end of September with the same direct payment proposal. This bill, which is expected to cost about $2.2 trillion, has been approved by House Democrats. Since its introduction, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been in constant discussion with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on the bill.

However, the two could not come to an agreement so far and Mnuchin proposed a $1.6 trillion stimulus package counteroffer. According to Mnuchin, his proposal is similar to a $1.5 trillion stimulus proposal by the Problem Solvers Caucus, a 50-member bipartisan group, which also provides for $1,200 direct payments to Americans.

As talks between Mnuchin and Pelosi heated up, President Donald Trump made a surprise move to call off stimulus negotiations between Democrats and Republicans until after the election. However, hours later, he called on Congress to approve a stand-alone stimulus bill to immediately give stimulus checks to Americans. Pelosi refused to consider this stand-alone bill.

The Latest Stimulus Proposal: $1.8 Trillion Package

As stimulus negotiations…

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