6 brilliant Berlin blockchain start-ups worth keeping an eye on

In Berlin, there’s apparently a new start-up founded every 20 minutes. This makes the city a highly competitive environment for all industries, including blockchain.

In recent years, Berlin has become something of a blockchain hub. It’s unsurprising, given the city’s reputation as a breeding ground for start-ups. With a new start-up founded every 20 minutes in the German capital, according to economics journalist Magdalena Thiele, there’s an ever-increasing number of companies innovating at every angle of blockchain from infrastructure to middleware and applications.

With a wealth of Berlin blockchain businesses to choose from, we’ve selected some start-ups using the technology in a variety of interesting ways.


Headquartered in Reykjavík but with offices in Berlin, London and Palo Alto, Authenteq was founded by Adam Martin, Kari Thor Runarsson and Runar Karlsson. Since it was founded in 2015, the company has raised $7.4m in funding.

The start-up has developed an automatic identity verification and privacy platform that issues a blockchain-based, self-owned and controlled digital ID. The ID can be used to verify your identity through any channel without inputting any information, which makes it a pretty useful KYC (know your customer) solution.

Tip Me

Founded by Jonathan Funke in 2016, Tip Me wants to make globalisation fair. Rather than preaching to customers, this start-up aims to give them the option to combine the tradition of tipping with…

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