5 Ways Blockchain Tech Can Help Us During This Pandemic

Don and Alex Tapscott are the co-authors of Blockchain Revolution and co-founders of the Blockchain Research Institute. Alex’s new book is Financial Services Revolution.  Together they wrote the report Blockchain Solutions in Pandemics.

This is one of those rare turning points in history. The COVID-19 pandemic will profoundly change our behavior and society. Many institutions will come under scrutiny and, we hope, change for the better.

At the Blockchain Research Institute, we’re doing our part to facilitate positive change. Technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, augmented/virtual reality, and above all, blockchain are more relevant than ever – not just to business and the economy but to the future of public health and the safety of global populations.

Traditional systems have failed us and it’s time for a new paradigm. To build on Victor Hugo, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea that has become a necessity.”

Health care crises and blockchain: A framework

Given the urgent need for global solutions, the Blockchain Research Institute convened a virtual roundtable of 30 experts from five continents. We discussed the challenges of COVID-19 and the possibilities of using blockchain in areas of need. In our special report, “Blockchain Solutions in Pandemics,” we developed a framework for facing pandemics together in these five areas.

1. Self-sovereign identity, health records and shared data

Data is the most important asset in fighting pandemics. If any useful data exists now, it sits in institutional silos. We need better access to the data of entire populations and a speedy consent-based data sharing system. To accelerate discovery, the blockchain startup Shivom is working on a global project to collect and share virus host data in response to a call for action from the European Union’s Innovative Medicines Initiative. In Honduras, Civitas – an app developed by the start-up Emerge – is linking Hondurans’…

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