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Blockchain technology goes on improving and innovating business processes, and schools around the world offer a variety of online courses about cryptocurrencies. It might be the time has come for you to catch up and get the knowledge structured and completed! There’s a number of courses you can take to find out more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, they are not the same, and everyone’s starting point varies, too. So let’s take a look at the best courses with different approaches.

For a quick and efficient start, here’s one of the quickest and easiest courses. In Udemy’s best-selling “Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals” you will learn the basics required for any further crypto-journey. Perfect for beginners, this course sorts out all the essential terminology and key concepts and gives you the tips for your first steps in applying the knowledge. All in all, just 3 hours to get started and finally understand all the buzzwords.

“Cryptocurrency: Complete Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins!” by Udemy gives you an opportunity to be trained by real professionals. Now you know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies and you are eager to try trading yourself. Steve Ballinger, who is a millionaire investor himself, is willing to teach you how to successfully and securely make your first investment. 220k+ students love him for clear explanations and contagious passion for crypto trading. After finishing the course (74 lectures to go through), you will learn to create a diverse portfolio and trade more like a pro.

Princeton University takes crypto on an academic level and offers its “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” course. 11 weeks of studying to address all the major cryptocurrency and blockchain issues. Complete and exceptionally informative lectures plus challenging assignments give you a clear view of how bitcoin functions focusing more on a technical side of it. This course is highly recommended if you want more algorithms and…

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