5 celebrities who endorse Bitcoin

When it comes to celebrities (especially when it comes to C listers) they’ll usually endorse anything as long as there’s a fairly good payday, however, on the rare occasion, there is some genuine interest and knowledge behind this celebrity advocacy. Here are of some of the more discerning celeb endorsements of Bitcoin…

Ashton Kutcher

You might know Kutcher for an illustrious film career, his magnum opus, of course, being “Dude Where’s My Car?”  (anyone? no?) but unlike his hapless character counterparts, the film star has a precocious talent for investment, founding his own tech investing venture capital in 2015. Since then, the firm has made several investments in popular companies such as Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify as well as cryptocurrency firms including Ripple and Bitpay.

Elon Musk

Albeit unintentionally, Musk has become the ultimate advocate for cryptocurrency. In the space of a year he

1) shilled Bitcoin.

2) Briefly became CEO of his favorite cryptocurrency, Dogecoin:

3) Revealed his safe word was “cryptocurrency”:

4) became quizzically interested in Ethereum:

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