43% of Bitcoin investors are female

According to a recent study, around 43 percent of all Bitcoin investors are women. This is an impressive distribution, as, unfortunately, investing and trading are regarded as activities dominated by men.

In their latest study of the market, crypto investment company Grayscale concluded that the share of female Bitcoin investors has increased by close to five percent globally. This was a very detailed study of the United States markets, which included people between the ages of 25 and 64.

Bitcoin investors

Investing in Bitcoin has become a popular way to try and bank on your capital. However, there is still a lingering misconception that the more significant part of Bitcoin investors is made up of men. 

While technically, this is true, the fact that 43% of investors are women is something that should not be disregarded lighthandedly. Almost half of all Bitcoin investors are female, which is an excellent sign for the world of cryptocurrency.

These statistics show that the crypto investment industry is actually way more liberal than traditional investments and the stock market. While dabbling in investment has always been perceived as a more masculine activity, Bitcoin is here to change that.

It is encouraging to see that Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, are attracting almost equal interest among different social groups. This is a testament to the universal value of cryptocurrencies and the fact that they are easy to work with.

Hopefully, as time passes, we will see a further rise in the number of women who are interested in becoming Bitcoin investors. 

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