37 Questions for Cosmos’ Sunny Aggarwal

CoinDesk sent out a survey meant to gauge the innermost feelings and thoughts of crypto’s leading figures. Loosely based on the “Proust Questionnaire” popular during the fin de siecle, we’re hoping honest answers will reveal insights about our own age of transition.

Sunny Aggarwal, a Tendermint and Cosmos developer and founder of the UC Berkeley Pirate Party, answered our questions over email.

Your favorite blockchain protocol?
Cosmos, obviously.

Your # 1 favorite crypto hero?

Your favorite quality in an entrepreneur?
Ability to stay true to values.

Your biggest fear?
(Crypto specific) Crypto adoption goes nowhere and all this time and energy we’ve spent will be [for] naught.

What would you value bitcoin at today?

One word on how you got into crypto?
Doro Wat

What should crypto disrupt next?
Let’s finish disrupting money/finance first.

Public or private?
A mix realistically. Private chains that can prove particular properties publicly.

Permissioned or permissionless?
Once again a mix. Pemissioned chains in a permissionless network of blockchains.

Your net worth?
Enough for now.

What defines Satoshi?
Spent [a] ton of computing power to secure the network in the early days. Had a side effect of mining so many coins but he’s never touched them, and probably never will.

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Your favorite economist?
Joseph Schumpeter

When and where were you when you first heard about BTC?
I first heard of crypto when dogecoin was used to fundraise for the Jamaican national bobsled team. Actually started to look further into Bitcoin a few years later.

Do you mine? Would you mine mine?
I set up a small hobbyist mining rig a little while ago, just to go through the motions and see what it’s like and better understand the software. I don’t think it’s still running anymore. I probably wouldn’t mine professionally, the economics don’t make sense.

Your favorite…

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