$300 Million Star Citizen’s Development Hell Must Be Stopped

  • Star Citizen is a game that was originally crowdfunded back in 2013 and hit an impressive goal of over $2 million.
  • Since then it raised over $275 million in private crowdfunding alone, with further cash from private investors.
  • Having just secured another $17.5 million, someone needs to tell Star Citizen to stop.

Star Citizen is a game lots of people have been waiting for since 2013. In the past 7 years, we’ve not got all that much from the game. Despite this, Cloud Imperium, the team behind the game, has managed to raise over $320 million.

To put that in perspective, the most expensive game of all time was GTA V with $265 million for a budget. So why on earth did Star Citizen just get another $17.25 million from investors?

At this point, Cloud Imperium needs to just stop looking for money and actually produce something tangible.

I can’t imagine that many fans out there are holding out hope for any reason other than wishing their money isn’t wasted on backing this vaporware. | Source: Roberts Space Industries

Star Citizen Is Going to Disappoint You

Star Citizen is a game that holds a lot of promise. Considering it’s been in development for nearly a full decade, that’s hardly surprising. I mean if Rockstar can produce one of the most popular games of all time with less money over 3 years, then Cloud Imperium should be producing something unbelievable.

To live up to 9 years of development time, Star Citizen is going to need to cure all diseases, give all backers their money back, and then get a perfect 10 from every reviewer. Obviously, this is completely impossible.

It’s hard to understand why anyone has faith in this game anymore. After raising $275 million from fans, the developers decided they needed even more money and sought out private investors. If that wasn’t the biggest red flag to backers then I don’t know what would be.

Money Won’t Fix This Games Eternal Development Hell

The truth about Star Citizen is that it’s probably either…

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