3-year-old Bitcoin educator interviews Michael Saylor

Three year old Lily Knight, “the world’s youngest Bitcoin educator,” interviewed billionaire MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor for her YouTube channel in a video that dropped April 13.

In the interview, Lily noted that Saylor’s accumulation of more than $2 billion worth of Bitcoin since August 2020 had been a “ballsy move.”

The toddler and unconfirmed “hodler” became something of a vial sensation in the crypto space in mid February after she (aided by her parents) published a video explaining Bitcoin’s dynamics using Skittles candy.

The video caught the attention of Saylor and fellow crypto billionaire Tyler Winklevoss and both retweeted the video. Winklevoss added that “Lily, a 3-year-old, understands Bitcoin better than most central bankers.”

Lily’s father noted in a Reddit thread that the “ridiculous idea” to interview Saylor had come after he reached out to thank the corporate world’s biggest Bitcoin cheerleader for retweeting the video. Saylor was responsive to the idea. Her father revealed that the video required a lot of editing, as he had to “plead and bribe” Lily to sit still, as they pre-recorded the questions for the MicroStrategy founder to answer later:

“We recorded her side of the interview and then zoomed with him and played her questions, pausing after each one for him to answer. I wish we could do it live, but she’s so unpredictable at this age .. she just might break out into a Frozen song or something lol Maybe when she’s a little older.”

The first question Lily asked was: “When did you first buy Bitcoin? What convinced you to buy?”. Saylor said that he’d been searching for new treasury strategies to preserve shareholder value in March 2020, due to a “gnawing suspicion that the money was broken”….

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