20 DigiByte Facts You Wouldn’t Want to Miss – Bitcoin & Crypto Guide

DigiByte is a rapidly growing, public decentralized blockchain platform that is also believed to be hack-proof and impossible to destroy. Making it a perfect storage option for valuable items like documents, digital data, currency, etc.

The DigiByte blockchain comprises of three major application segments:

  • DigiExplorer – This is the sole search engine for the entire ecosystem.
  • DigiBot-Telegram – This is an alliance between messenger site Telegram and DigiByte.
  • DigiByte Gaming – This gives users the opportunity to earn its native token by playing games such as Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft.

DigiByte also boasts of being one of the most secure blockchains as it is distributed across over 100,000 servers, computers, nodes, phones, etc all over the world. It also employs five advanced mining algorithms, completely eliminating the risk of centralized mining. 

Transaction notification on the platform also takes about one to three seconds. And the confirmation time for each transaction is less than 1.5 minutes in comparison to Bitcoin’s confirmation average of 1 hour. 

The decentralized blockchain platform published a series of facts over the past few months. It recently disclosed in a tweet that it had shared 74 facts in total and also invited users to pick their most favorite one. 

Termed as DigiFacts, below is our selection of 20 information points that we find fascinating and believe you would not want to miss either.

On DigiByte launch
DigiFact #3

The launch of the platform happened way back in 2014, long before the initial coin offering (ICO) craze of whitepaper projects in 2017. Right from inception, it has been a fully working blockchain with considerable improvements ever since.

DigiFact #2

There have…

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