20 Best Websites To Get Blockchain And Crypto Gigs In 2019

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology underpinning them were mysterious and suspicious phenomena for quite some time. Today, however, cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, have become major disruptors in financial markets. And blockchain technology is steadily making its way into almost every economic sector, as well as governments. Even major colleges and universities are now offering coursework in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

Previously, I’ve published a huge list of 79 websites to get freelance jobs. But what if you only have expertise in the world of crypto and blockchain? Well, here’s your day.

There is a wealth of career and gig possibilities now open to you. Working on exciting projects with your skills and earning some income on the side (or even on a full time basis) doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all, does it?

Here are 20 of the best places to find blockchain gigs in 2019.

1. Crypto.jobs

Crypto jobs has around 1,500 active job listings at any given time. If you have a solid understanding of crypto and blockchain technology, there are positions for content writers and marketers, as well as traders. If you have skills in either front or back-end development, you are in high demand too. The majority of listed positions are remote, that is, you can work from anywhere, even as a freelancer for more than one organization. 

2. Blockace.io

Block Ace is another job board with global opportunities, both full and part-time, remote and on-site. You can see the ‘big names’ like IBM and Ethereum posting positions there in areas ranging from social media marketing, to trading, to research analysts, to full stack development and programming.  

3. Blockew

This job board invites candidates to post their resumes/portfolios to get discovered by potential employers. As well, you can browse the active job listings and send your resumes directly instead of waiting to get scouted. Positions are offered all…

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