10 Promising New Ethereum Projects That Are Here to Stay

In recent years, the Ethereum ecosystem has bloomed in multiple directions — that much is clear.

Importantly, this blooming has allowed the smart contract platform to become an early king of the hill regarding DeFi, decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, Layer-2 blockchain scaling solutions, non-fungible tokens, and more.

The advance of these innovations has led to something of a metaphorical gravity well, in which builders keep flocking to Ethereum because it’s become the premier platform for these advanced blockchain possibilities.

With that said, promising new Ethereum-based projects continue springing up at a rapid pace these days, making it dizzying at times to try and keep up with all the notable efforts. Interested in playing some catch-up? Here’s 10 newer Ethereum projects you can put on your radar — they’ve the potential to be around for years to come.


mStable is a meta-assets protocol focused on stablecoins that launched in late May 2020. The system is meant to address fragmentation and a lack of native yield opportunities in the stablecoin ecosystem.

Among the project’s first releases was mUSD, a meta-stablecoin underpinned by other stablecoins like DAI, USDC, TUSD, and USDT. This means you can mint or redeem mUSD on a 1:1 ratio with any of its constituent stablecoins. Additionally, mUSD also generates yield via mStable swap fees and via lending underlying assets through Aave and Compound.


Having arrived on the Ethereum mainnet this spring, Balancer is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol that lets users open up customizable liquidity pools. Popular AMM Uniswap currently only supports two-token pools with a 1:1 weighting of assets, while Balancer pools can support up to eight tokens with arbitrary weightings.

This model gives liquidity providers more flexibility with how they can earn fees using their idle Ethereum-based tokens. Moreover, Balancer has started a liquidity mining campaign that rewards Balancer LPs with BAL…

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