10 European cryptocurrency startups that aim to change future of fintech

Cryptocurrency has rapidly gained popularity and it has begun affecting the economy of some countries. It is a much-talked-about technology right now. Even Facebook has come up with details of its cryptocurrency called Libra. With Libra, it is possible to buy products or transfer money to people sans any additional fees.

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Not only Facebook but also many other tech giants and startups are focusing on launching cryptocurrency as this is the next big transformation in the fintech industry. The reason for this adoption and utilisation of cryptocurrencies is that it has the potential to transform the way we do business.

Having said that, it is notable that the cryptocurrency is gaining traction and momentum right now. And, this particular technology is all set to change the future of fintech startups in Europe as sourced from Dealroom.

Picture credits: Seba

SEBA Bank AG (Switzerland)

Founders: Guido Buehler
Funding: 2018
Founded year: €88 million

Why its hot: SEBA Bank AG aims to provide corporate financing, including banking services to corporate clients, advising on initial coin offerings, and other cryptocurrencies. The other core values such as performance, transparency, and safety. The Zug-based group got the banking and securities dealer license in August 2019 and started the first licensed bank for digital and traditional assets with the onboarding of Swiss clients this month.

Picture credits: Elliptic

Elliptic (London)

Founders: Adam Joyce, James Smith, Tom Robinson
Funding: €27.3 million
Founded year: 2013

Why its hot: Elliptic’s platform identifies illicit activity on the bitcoin blockchain and provides actionable intelligence to…

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