10 Bitcoin Contributors You Should Know About

Builders: 10 Bitcoin Contributors You Should Know About

Bitcoin is nearing the capping of its first decade in existence, and the OG cryptocurrency wouldn’t be where it’s at today, or where it’s going, without the builders who have made it so. Let’s take a look at some of the folks who have put excellent work into progressing Bitcoin and its proposed second-layer scaling solution, the Lightning Network.

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‘Build It, They Will Come’

If you’ve been in the space for some time, there’s a good chance you’ll know all 10 of the contributors and developers below. If not, several may prove to be new faces for you.

I list these individuals in no particular order. Some, like Wladimir J. van der Laan, are GitHub commit machines. Others, like Elizabeth Stark, deal with advancing the Lightning Network in their work. All of them have made a tangible difference in Bitcoin and its future, and they’re worth keeping an eye on in the space accordingly.

Let’s dive in.

1. Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark is the co-founder and current chief executive officer of Lightning Labs, the team steering the development of the Lightning Network. A former educator at Stanford University and Yale Law and Tech, Stark is also currently a fellow at Coin Center, the United States’ leading cryptocurrency think tank.

In her capacity as CEO of Lightning Labs, she finds herself daily at the vanguard of Lightning Network research. As such, she’s a mainstay on the Bitcoin thought leaders conference circuit.

Stark also recently partnered with Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song on scholarships for women for the Programming Blockchain seminar back in May 2018. She’s poised to continue being a driver of advancement in the space for years to come.

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